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Fresh, convenient, good value.​

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[Loca – Vora]
Origin; Locavore
(n.) “A person whose diet consists of locally grown or produced food”

Locavora is all about community, sustainability and great tasting fresh food all served with fantastic customer service.

At our core, we exist to awaken people toward a fresh, healthier alternative for grab-n-go foods to fuel their lifestyle. We provide value and quality through locally-sourced Australian produce. Our passion is to support local but have a global mindset to care for the planet and greater good.

Fresh Food

Our food is made daily in our West Perth kitchen using locally sourced produce. We use fresh ingredients packed full of nutrients and flavour!
Happy young woman in apron smiling at camera


We have a strong community focus and we are passionate about supporting local, from suppliers and produce to local schools and corporate catering.


With our global mindset and care for the planet we aim to minimize our footprint on the environment and encourage our customers to do the same.


We create the best quality produce at the best price possible.


We provide a wide range of food all locally made, but with a global mindset to cater for as many customers as we can. Think global, eat local.


It has to be convenient. We are a one stop shop whether it be for coffee, breakfast, lunch or take-home dinner meals, we have you covered!


We want our store to excite and engage customers so we’re always providing our customers with new product offerings and new taste sensations.

Global eats, made local.